In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. It all started with WORDS. As God spoke things were coming into existence.John 1

It all begun with WORDS.

The world around you and everything in it was created using WORDS.

Things that were not came into existence because of WORDS.

Without WORDS this world would have never being.

Before your parents met to have YOU there were WORDS involved.

WORDS are the most hurtful thing one can ever do to someone.

WORDS  build or break people.

WORDS stir up war.

WORDS break families apart.

WORDS bring one’s life to ruin.

WORDS used to express how one feels.

Before the president elect is sworn in he is first asked to publicly make an oath using WORDS.

On judgment day we will be judged by our own WORDS.

That is the power which WORDS have.

Unfortunately many of us are too blind to see just how much power words have.

We can say anything, anyhow and whenever as long as we say it. Because it is a free world, we say.

We ignore the repercussions of every word we utter.

For every utterance we make we grow a tree.

When you look at your life from childhood to where you are today, what kind of tree do you think you’ve been nurturing? Is it a thorny or a fruitful tree?

Be careful how you use WORDS. Your life is shaped by them.

Use them wisely lest you fall victim of your own WORDS.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words. Proverbs 10:19 (AMP version)

To my followers

Running a blog without appreciating your followers is mean. I feel followers deserve to be appreciated. Most especially those who started with you. Those who saw you grow from your grassroots.

I just wanted to take this time and opportunity to thank all my 16 followers. Quite a small number huh? Haha I know right. In terms of stats my blog isn’t doing well but because I have you guys I am encouraged to write. You guys are enough for me; I mean I’d rather have 16 loyal followers than dozens who aren’t even loyal. You guys have been loyal since day one. You are the reason I write, if there was no you I don’t think I’d have continued to write.

I don’t know if it would be too much of me asking but if it is possible I was kindly asking if you could give me reviews concerning my blog. Your reviews are very important to me and I’d really appreciate if you could just comment and let me know what you think of my blog.  Because I feel reviews act as a guideline, I will be able to know whether I am on the right path or not depending on the reviews you give me.

I also thought I address some questions which might be running through your minds concerning my blog.

Future plans for Believe?

Well obviously I plan on switching my blog to premium but before I do that I was hoping to get some certain results which I haven’t  been able to attain. But before I can even do that I need to know what my small following thinks about my blog. Would it be worthwhile to switch to premium or perhaps I should continue using free wordpress for some reason I don’t know?

Why believe?

I fell in love with the word believe. It a powerful word and I thought to myself why not use it as my blog’s title? Long story short I quickly went on to give my blog that title. I realized it was something I was going to be writing about throughout my life.

Believe is simply a platform that encourages people (everyone regardless of who you are and what you do) to believe in themselves and whatever they do in life. Imagine how life would be without believing in ourselves or even the things that we pursue? It would literally suck.

I believe that each individual possesses great potential within them. Unfortunately not everyone gets to realize that. Some choose to sleep on it and it is my desire to help such people by encouraging, challenging, thought provoking them to become that which they were wired to be.

When I decided I was going to use believe as my blog’s title my gut rested. I knew it was the right title for my blog. I have always had a heart to empower people and it’s something I always do, be it financially, through advice or ideas and it always makes me happy to see people hearken to what I tell them and get positive results.

Any other?

Well I started writing a long time ago. But that wasn’t serious writing it was more of scribbling.

I started this blog last year and I have been writing ever since. I know my writing (grammar) isn’t perfect yet but I am getting there soon. Still learning how to write.


Thanks once more for your support guys.

Letter to my queens (ptII)

Dear young queen,

Its been a minute since I wrote you a letter . The reason for  doing so is because I have been quite busy of late. But because you are always on my heart I thought I write you another one.

I cant help but notice that of late you have been dying to get married. men can’t seem to spot you or come your way and because of that you have been going around every place seeking a life time companion. You have been on this quest for some time now and you don’t seem to find  Mr. right. Guys have come your way claiming to love you and you have fallen victim to their lies and manipulations.  Every time you get into a relationship it feels like you have found your long awaited prince charming and before you know it his true filthy personality  unfolds and suddenly its back to square one; single life.

I know its been quite a rough road and its pretty obvious that you are frustrated and almost losing hope. For a minute its got you thinking that perhaps you were meant to be single and its eating you up.

Well I feel you but before you totally lose it I have a few words to tell you.

First and foremost you gotta understand that you are a ruby and a diamond. You don’t have to go around looking for Mr. right, that is not your job! Mr right has to find you. Going round looking for a him makes you look desperate and of no worth. You might be asking yourself but why is Mr. right taking long to come? Well the reason is quite simple. He is being worked on so you better start doing the same thing. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine how it would feel like to date a girl like you. How’s your habits, dress-code, make up or perhaps your step like? Do you think everything is on point and Mr. right would be pleased and happy to show you off to his world?

Secondly, you gotta mature. Mr. right isn’t willing to marry a girl who isn’t mature enough to know what they want. Are you the kind who jumps into a relationship without knowing its purpose? or the kind that acts single when you are in a relationship?

Thirdly, Mr. right looks forward to meeting a girl who is loyal and faithful. One who truly loves her hubby and willing to show him off to everyone. She does not have any hidden agendas, her life is an open book. her phone is password free and hubby can use it without receiving any strange calls or coming across any suspicious messages from other guys.

Fourth and last. Mr right is looking forward to marrying a girl who respects him. A girl who understands both her role and his role. She treats him as a king and not a servant or a puppet; makes him feel important and special.

Until that time when Mr. right gets to come, you got some work to do! You gotta clean up your house in order to accommodate him. Be the change you want to see!

I look forward to writing you more letters soon.

Sincerely yours,


Your time’s coming; just get ready!

Ever woke up and suddenly felt like everything in your life was stagnant? Looking at all your friends, they seem to be excelling at their businesses, in their jobs or finances and apparently it seems like you are the only one stuck; you try doing this and that but nothing comes out of it.

I’ll tell you what, I’ve been there too as a matter of fact that’s where I’m at but do you know what keeps me going? Hope! I’m hopeful and trust that my time is coming and for now the best I can do is getting ready for it.

I see people stressing and finger-biting themselves to death trying to figure out ways of making it in life. They try out different approaches, options and stress out every idea they have and it still brings them back to step 1.

Do you know why people become frustrated and give up in life? Because they try as much to push stuff, even after seeing that it isn’t working out they still try to force things forgetting that the battle belongs to God. He is the driver and we’ve got to learn to trust in Him for he knows better what we need than ourselves. “I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.” Ecclesiastes 9:11. In life you can push all you want but as long as your TIME has not yet come you will always get zero results and the only person who allows that time to come is God. Trying to force things is like telling God “I have it all figured out” or “Lord, Let me help you out I have a better way of doing it”. No one can help God in fact that’s the last thing God wants from us. Yes, we both (God and us ) always have a role to play for God’s promises to come to pass in our lives. Just because you’ve done your part doesn’t mean you should go ahead and start playing God’s; that is an already failed mission.

God’s design of Life is like a straight path but we make it bumpy by trying to win ourselves up. Life is like a queue of people waiting to be served, it doesn’t matter whether you are first in line or last because everyone is definitely going to be served at the end of the day. Again it’s not like what the first one gets is different from what the last one gets; they all get the same package so you and I are better off maintaining our positions. Be patient!

Now just because your time is coming doesn’t mean you should go ahead and sleep on it. Nop! You got to start getting ready for it (Act). Everyone gets ready for what they expect. Getting ready may mean getting a degree, driver’s license, passport, bank account or coming up with a business idea. Because once your time comes you will never have time to get ready. When your time comes things just begin to fall in place, doors begin to open and opportunities begin to unfold.

Life’s a matter of CHOICES

We all have been through hell and some of us have gone from poor to rich or wealth, bad to good, introverts to extroverts because of the hell we’ve been through. It stretched us and gave us a lecture no one would ever forget. It’s from great sufferings that we get great lessons in life. After everything has been said and done the rest is up to us, CHOOSING to either grow from the past or whine about it. The choice is all yours

Unfortunately not everyone is willing to grow from the hell that we go through. Some want to act like babies, ever crying about the losses, terrible experiences and busy holding on to their past.

I like to say this that if everyone was to respond to their afflictions in a negative way, this world would be a place full of despondent people. Thank God not everyone thinks the same. There are people who grew up in foster care and were treated so harshly such that they begun to question their own humanity. Look at them today; you wouldn’t even tell that they went through such. Do you know why? They made a CHOICE not to be victims of their past. It happened, they learnt something out of it and they buried their past.

At the same time there are people who’ve had the same experience but they’ve made a CHOICE not to grow.  They are still living in a dream world of thinking that someday everything will just vanish and they’d have received their healing. Life’s about owning up, you own 100% responsibility over yourself and no one will ever be accountable for your own life.  The problem is we are busy looking for that someone who will bare our pain and relate with us and somewhat feel for us. Last I checked that person doesn’t exist. I mean people will always encourage you, give you advice and whatnot but you got to understand the fact that you are the one who plays the biggest role in this. It’s like the government, they control everything and in your case you are the government. After all has been said and done you got to make a DECISION, either to hang in there or grow from it and move on.

There are people in this world who are suffering because of your traumatic past; they are majorly affected by it.  Every time someone tries to confront you about your issue you always give an excuse of having a bad past and you somewhat think they reason with you. Think of the kind of people you are trying to make out of them? Do you want the cycle to continue? Are you looking to make the world a better place or a cold place? Do not forget that someday you will have kids and those kids will be kept by those people, you don’t want those kids to be victims of your wrong choices.
You could be a single mother or father who was abused verbally and physically by your step parents, X lover or even your biological parents and after what you went through you made a CHOICE to treat everyone the same way that you were treated. Think of your kids, every parent wants what’s best for them. If you mistreat them do you think they will grow up into better kids? You got to realize that kids are like a blank disc, what you put in them is exactly what you will see. Choose to turn your negatives into positives, treat them right!  Choose to grow from whatever situation you’ve been through, change your perspective and see life in a whole new pair of glasses.  Let’s make our world a better safer place for everyone.

The State of Christian Hiphop

After a long time of going quiet on writing on music I finally decided that I write about some of the things which I have observed that are currently happening in CHH (Christian Hiphop). It is very saddening to see that only a few people get to notice these things and address them. As Christians we are called to be our brother’s keeper and because I am concerned I thought I bring these issues to your attention.

I remember when everything just began, it all started with Christian rappers featuring secular artists on their songs or been featured by secular artists. Then the issue escalated to Christian rappers refusing to embrace the Christian title. Note that there is a reason why I had to go back from the start; I want you to see that before anything can grow its starts from its infancy stage. Yes there is nothing wrong with Christian artists being featured or featuring on secular songs but did you foresee any of what is happening today in the genre being as a result of those small things? Am pretty sure you’re saying no. Well, I can think of those small things as warnings; we needed to be careful and wise about everything we allowed in the genre, knowing pretty well that behind everything we do or allow in the genre are repercussions. In fact we can choose to learn from what is happening today and carry the principles with us which will help us avoid such things from happening if they arose in the future. In the next paragraphs I begin to address some of these issues observed.

We have folks trying to justify themselves on every song and every time I am seated and listening to their music I tend to ask why they even bother in the first place to justify their own actions if they pretty much know that they are doing the right thing. It doesn’t compute!  It’s like in a class test, when you know that your answer is right you need not to question it. The moment you start questioning your answer then it’s definitely a clear sign of unsurely.  That is exactly how I view artists who are fond of justifying themselves over and over.  I feel like artists who are fond of doing this are not at peace with themselves and what they are doing, it’s like their conscience keeps wrestling with them.

Christian hiphop nowadays has lost content. With an exception of a few artists (of which most of them are underground artists) I don’t remember the last time I listened to an entire album which moved me to such a point where it made me feel like there’s still hope for CHH. Nowadays before I can think of sharing my music collection with other believers I have to go through my playlist thoroughly just to avoid being a stumbling block to them. The only difference there is between a secular and a Christian song is just the mention of Jesus Christ, church, unashamed; Cliché words mostly. Otherwise the rest is just the same and one can hardly tell the difference.

Cockiness. Every artist wants to sound like they own the genre. At some point it used to be known as boasting in the Lord and it could sound like it. Not anymore, it sounds like bragging or flossing. Every artist wants their listeners to know that they’ve been grinding hard, they own this and that.

Compromise. The gospel is not a matter of negotiations but serious business, you either take it as it is or leave it, the truth don’t change. Apparently it’s become a trend for many CHH artists to participate in secular meetings with an intention of winning souls and at the same time they dilute the word of God in order to suite the listener. Jesus Christ said on several accounts that the world will hate us for what we believe in (John 15:18-25, Matt 10:22).  So trying to win the world at the cost of twisting the gospel isn’t helping but putting our own lives at stake. You can’t expect a world which hated Jesus Christ to embrace his followers.

In conclusion I’d like to say that with all this confusions taking place in CHH let us take this as an opportunity to PRAY for the artists who are at the top even young and coming artists because it is easy for them to be misled. This is a call for every Christian to stand up for CHH! The truth and nothing else ought to be preached in songs.

Like I said in preamble not everyone will get to notice these things. I’d urge everyone who gets an opportunity to read this article to kindly SHARE it with their friends, family, co-workers and help save CHH from the hands of the devil.

Enough with the assumptions!

People waste time assuming what others think of them, how they dress, talk, or do things. Assuming tends to act as a barrier to oneself, every time you think of doing something the thought of what others might think or would think of you begins to haunt you and it kills the morale you had towards something.

I was a culprit of assuming things and every time I did that I could end up getting the opposite results. I remember a time when I found a new job and everyone around my working place seemed so frightened of the boss, they could all act like he was a tough and unapproachable person and that affected how I viewed him. One day it so happened that I reported for work early and I was the first one to get there, a few minutes later my boss came in and he greeted me. He later asked me to go to his office and ironically he turned out to be the opposite of what I was told. Everything I was made to believe about him suddenly changed and it was then I stopped assuming things and realized how much you would miss out if you entertain assumptions.

Another example I would give is my girlfriend. Before I started dating my friends could tell me that women are like this and that and I believed everything I was told because I had not dated before and these guys had experience. When I got into a relationship I actually realized and that most of the things that I was told was parallel to what I was experiencing. It turned out that she was the opposite of what they told me about women. When you believe in other people’s assumptions or beliefs yours tend to be replaced by what you have heard and it actually affects your performance, determination and energy towards something. Imagine you are going to a new place and someone who has never been there before tells you something that they heard about that particular place which apparently sounds scary. What do you think will happen to your morale? It will suddenly drain and as soon as you reach that place you will begin to question everything about it hence affecting your appetite, how you relate with others, sleep and whatnot.

You could be at that place where you’ve been told stuff about your new job or boss, friend; business venture, or career. Perhaps you have believed what others have told you concerning everything happening around you and those assumptions have filled your mind. I am here to encourage you to shun those thoughts, they are obstacles. Don’t base your decisions on other people’s opinions and assumptions. We all have our different experiences in every situation we encounter. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not saying you should go ahead and shun everything that you have been told. Some of those things might be true; all I’m trying to say is don’t believe everything that you hear, be wise about it. Some NOs from other people may sound like they care but trust me they can also be other ways of disrupting you from getting to your destiny. There are people who will act like they care by giving you NOs on everything you think of pursuing and even steal your ideas just so they can develop them and not you.  Some things are not as they seem, dare to try them out and you might just end up getting shocked at how much good  you will unveil about your new friend, boss, business venture or tour.

Sufferings are an opportunity to shine

Many a times when God places us in situations that appear to be rough or painful we rush to complain and sometimes we draw to conclusions that perhaps God does not love or care about us. In most difficult situations people tend to become blind, it’s like we are put in cocoon; a place where we become dysfunctional and it is at that point that we miss the lessons that come with every situation. “In every suffering is an opportunity”, Scripture says in ALL THINGS God works for the GOOD of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. God intends for good even in our worst moments; He has our best interests at heart and always has good intentions for us in every difficulty situation we go through.

I have come to learn that in every situation in which God places me I ought to ask myself this question what is God trying to teach me from this situation? Note that it is also in tough times that the devil shows up; he will try to convince you that he has a solution and once you give in he easily misleads you. Christianity without tests and trials is not Christianity at all; in order for us to grow spiritually we need to go through trials and tests. These are opportunities for us to grow and become better believers. Take for instance a student who just failed a test, failing that test pushes him/her to studying more and effectively in order to pass next time they sit for a test. Apparently failing becomes an opportunity for that particular student to excel. But for others instead of seeing failure as an opportunity to shine they tend to blame themselves, their teachers or sometimes even complain about it. The same applies to believers instead of choosing to see the opportunity that comes along with the suffering we’d rather focus on the negative which is whining about it through and through hence missing the opportunity.

You might be at a place where everything doesn’t seem to make sense; your job, relationship, finances, health or your life in general and you could be there grumbling or blaming yourself. Complaining does not solve anything it actually adds to the issue. My dear beloved CHOOSE now to ask and see what God is trying to teach you through that particular situation you are experiencing. There is a reason why you going through that phase today and trust me God placed you in that situation for a reason. Sometimes it turns out to be a blessing in disguise and you can only get to see it at the end of it all (hindsight).

Own up! stop the blame game

Human beings are naturally selfish. We tend to blame others for our own wrongs, bad conduct, attitude or behavior towards certain things even when we know that we are the culprits. We love to play clean and running from our own mess. I have come to realize that we waste so much time focusing on others and looking for solutions or answers in wrong places. By the time we are coming to realize that we are the culprits it would already have being too late to fix something.

We are quick to point fingers. Take Adam from the bible for instance, he knew well that he was guilty for having to eat the forbidden fruit but instead he chose to put the blame on Eve. Throughout history you will realize and observe that the blame game is always a common trait amongst humanity

Some solutions to certain problems lie within us but because we are too blind to see that we instead rush to blame others for our own wrongs. Today, many relationship break-ups are as a result of the blame game. People won’t admit the fact that they are wrong; they’d rather point fingers at their partner and eventually the relationship breaks up.

Do you have friends and always wonder why they always complain about your attitude? Have you ever sat down to ask yourself why it’s always them against you? In as much as you would like to blow up, try looking at yourself for a second and examine yourself. Perhaps it’s you with a problem that needs to be addressed and fixed.  When you have a lot of people talking about you it’s a clear sign that either you have a problem or you are good depending on what they are talking about concerning you. It can be in your marriage, your spouse is ever grumbling about your conduct towards her or the kids. Before you can even think of pointing fingers, stop and look around you, the solution to that problem lies within you. It can be in your business, customers are ever complaining about your treatment or the pathetic kind of service you give them. As long as you don’t look around you to pinpoint the issue you will always have difficulties working with people, doing business or even handling a relationship.

It’s not like the world hates you as many like to put it. It’s just that you are too busy looking in other places (your friends, boss, wife, husband etc) for solutions when actually the answer lies within you. The answer is admitting your wrongs and changing for the better. The world could be a better place if people started to own up.



Faith is limitless.

Faith is the currency in the spiritual realm.

Faith can get you whatever you want and can take you wherever you want to go.

God can give you WHATEVER you want if only you PRAY, BELIEVE THEN ACT.

When we PRAY we are simply asking or crying out to God for answers or solutions and that’s the only way He can hear us, through prayer.

Once we pray we got to BELIEVE (Mark 11:24) that whatever we have prayed for is done and sealed.

After PRAYING and BELIEVING you got to take a leap of faith by ACTING. This means making a move before seeing any signs of  your requests manifesting. It means getting out of your comfort zone. The bible says “we walk by faith and not by sight. What that simply means is you don’t have to necessarily wait for a sign in order to ACT or make a move. Instead you have to make that step even before seeing the signs, that’s called taking a leap of faith.   When God tells his children to try Him, he is in other words saying “give the rest of the money you are remaining with to me”, “go ahead and set a date for your wedding day even though right now you don’t have the money”, ”book that flight the bill is on me”, “enroll into school I will see you through to the end”. And whenever you obey these instructions you are simply telling God that you TRUST in His word and you believe that with him nothing is impossible.

Tell me what manner of God would go ahead and shun his promises or disappoint his children? Only the fake gods do that. But our one true God will never put to shame all who trust in him. He is not man that he should lie neither a son of man that he should repent. He is the God of the children of Israel, the one who saw them through the entire journey from Egypt to the promised land. The God of Misheck, Shadrech and Abednego, the one who rescued them from the furnace because of their FAITH.

Nothing will ever come to you on a silver plate, take for instance the children of Israel. When God blessed them with manner from heaven he did not drop it right in their mouths, they had to follow it and gather it in their dishes. That shows an aspect of ACTING. In order to see God moving in our lives we have to Pray, Believe then Act.